Wednesday, January 4, 2012

finishing the solar collectors tomorrow

After a good day of work on the solar soda can collectors we headed to town to have some tacos for supper.  Today was a good day of work and tomorrow we will finish the two solar soda can collectors and paint them.  We should move them up the hill on Friday, build the little greenhouse, and see how much hot air we can produce and if we can dry some coffee beans.  We also need to start to work on the solar hot water heater.   That should go ok once we get started.
We took a tour of the local open market and bought some snack food and some meat. The local market here is very much like the markets in Xian.  Meat, vegetables, fruits, clothes, you name it it is there.  Hope to have some good pictures of the greenhouse, the solar panels, and Rufino's town up the mountain.

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