Monday, January 2, 2012

first full day of work here in Guatemala

First full day of work on the solar collectors we had some people stop by to compare ideas with us.  Part of what we are here for is to do the work, teach Rufino how to do the work, and to document the work that we are doing.  Andre, an ICC student from Russia, is the film person on this trip.
Rufino and Dr. Kellerman are drilling the holes on the board that is to hold the soda cans in place and allow the warm air to move through them. 
We are cleaning old soda cans so that we can cut the tops off and drill holes in the bottom of them. 
Drilling holes in the bottom of the cans.  Next step is to glue them together and mount them in to the frame we have built.  We had a few problems with the cans because the cans here are just different enough from the cans in the USA.  We had to get the tops off using tin snips. You have to adapt.
We are having a snack of fruit for the morning.
Lunch.  You put the stuff on the plate in the bowl of soup.  It was very good.  Paty Cole has a cook book that was put together by the local ladies, just like every church does in the Midwest.  We should be able to photo copy it and take the recipes back to the USA and share them with the ICC culinary department.   We can also share them with our new friends in Silver City.
Out on the town for a nice supper.  Met some people from Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The reason we started to talk was because she had a Starved Rock State Park sweat shirt on.  I was wearing my Sancken Automotive tee shirt and quite a few people asked me to say Hi to Honest Mark.  I did find out that Rufino's wife, who is called Irma, has a traditional Guatemalan name.  Irma in Guatemala is pronounced Ear-ma.  That is why I thought it was strange that she was named Irma because I thought of it as an English name and it is not.  It is really windy tonight and I hope it calms down.  This is the coldest month here and so far it has been nice weather.  Tomorrow we should have a soda can collector done and be working on another. Watching the bowl game on the TV.

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