Monday, January 16, 2012

A visit to the coffee coop or finca

The day the high winds knocked out the power, water, and internet we took a trip up the mountain to learn about the coffee process. We could not work and we did not know when the power would be back on.  The high winds are new to the area especially when the hurricane season in months away.  The weather patterns have changed in the region.  Part of what people call Global Climate Change.
The new weather patterns have caused more rains and the rain comes for a longer period of time.  This is a picture of an area that had a bad mud slide a few years ago.  This mud slide took out the road and it was about a year before it got built back.  During that time, to get up the mountain you had to take a bus up to this point, walk across the foot bridge, and take another bus the rest of the way.
This is the foot bridge over the gully.  A man was killed working on the new road when the ground gave  way and his end loader went down the mountain.  The next pictures gives you a better view the area.
I was on the bridge looking down to the small creek bed below.  It is deeper than you think.  Road can wash away in this area and when you drive it is not unusual to see spots in the road that are gone and need repair.

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